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JNSTARSECURITY JN-DCA + JNWR-8 Wireless Home Security System
Model: JN-DCA / JNWR-8

Wireless Home Security

Solar Powered Alarm System

with 8 N.O./N.C. Outputs
  • This set includes JN-DCA solar powered wireless infrared beam sensors and JNWR-8 wireless 8-zone receiver.
  • JNWR-8 wireless 8-zone receiver has N.O./N.C. alarm output for each zone. Through JNWR-8 receiver, the JN-DCA beam sensors can be connected to any other security systems.
  • When there is an intruder, the JN-DCA beam sensors will be triggered and send RF signal to the receiver. The JNWR-8 receiver will beep to warn you someone is coming, and indicate alarm zone by different alarm tone and the flashing LED.
  • If you connect JNWR-8 to other system, when there is an alarm, the JNWR-8 will trigger that system through the N.O./N.C. alarm outputs.
  • Up to 8 pairs of JN-DCA beam sensors can be learnt into JNWR-8 receievrs.
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