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JNSTAR develops & manufactures world leading reliable wireless security products. For over 13 years solving

outdoor security



security products have become well-done ones, and have been widely used in many countries for perimeter security,

driveway alarm

We specialized in producing Wireless

Solar Powered Infrared Beam

Sensors. Our other products include GSM alarm system, wireless receivers, wireless repeaters and related accessories. If no products can meet your requirements, tell us your request! We can design and provide samples in 2-3 weeks.
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Why choose us?

We specialize in solar powered wireless infrared beam sensors for driveway alarm & perimeter protection. Our solar powered wireless beam sensors are the best among the same kind products in the world, because:

  • Super-long working time without sunlight: it can keep working 3 months without sunlight
  • Super-low power consumption: 0.1mA for dual beam sensor
  • Super-small size solar cell: can be built into the beam sensor case
  • Super-long detection range: 20-300 meters
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