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JNSTARSECURITY Wireless GSM Control Panel
Model: JN-M02
Major Features:


Wireless GSM Control Panel

  • When there is an intruder, the detectors will send alarm signal to the host immediately, then alarm SMS will be sent to its preset mobile phone numbers, meanwhile the host dials the preset telephone/mobile phone numbers automatically and drives wiretap
  • Auto learning wireless sensors (JN-DCA solar powered wireless beam sensors) and other JNSTAR security products
  • Built-in GSM module
  • With color LCD screen & keyboard on the host
  • The color LCD can show the time, date and the status of arm, disarm, GSM signal, power, alarm
  • Total 28 zones, 24 zones for wireless sensors, 1 zone for SOS, 1 zone for external power failure, 2 zones for wired alarm
  • Send SMS to 3 preset mobile numbers & call 3 preset telephone numbers by turns while alarm triggered
  • 10 seconds pre-recorded voice message can be played when alarming, and support monitor & intercom
  • Arm/disarm/partial arm/partial disarm by keyboard, remote controller, SMS
  • Programmable timing arm/partial arm/disarm.
  • Program alarm host by keyboard or SMS
  • Modify the name of wireless zones or inquire the status of alarm host by SMS
  • Backup rechargeable battery to support the system when power fails
  • The alarm host automatically stores system status whenever there is power failure
  • Check host's status by SMS
  • Specifications:
    Model JN-M02
    GSM Frequency 900/1800/850/1900MHz
    Alarm Mode SMS data transmission & voice platform
    Stand-by Power Consumption 0.6W
    Zones 24 zones
    SPL of Siren 110dB
    Battery Standby battery: DC 8.4V (Lithium battery)
    stand by battery working duration: 15 hours.
    Tamper Protection Valid
    Remote Control Valid
    Battery Low Protection Valid
    Operating Temperature -10 deg ~ +55 deg
    Environmental Humidity <95% (no condensation)
    Dimension 170mm (Long) x 118mm (Wide) x 40mm (High)