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JNSTARSECURITY Wireless Repeater
Model: JNRL-V
Major Features:


Wireless Repeater for Visonic

  • It is used as a wireless repeat station
  • Can receive the RF signal from JN-VDCA beam sensor and resend it to 1km away
  • Can enlarge the distance between the JN-VDCA beam sensor and its receiver
  • By the repeater working one by one, the receiver can be installed far away from the JN-VDCA beam sensor
  • Power input: 12V DC (or solar energy--see model JNRL-S-V)
  • Suitable for farm, villa, or any large area
  • Model JNRL-V is compatible with Visonic products
  • Specifications:
    Model JNRL-V
    Power Input 12V DC
    Frequency 315MHZ / 433MHZ
    Power consumption stand-by current < 8mA; alarm current < 300mA
    RF Range 1km open area
    Battery Low Protection Valid
    RF receiver sensitivity -105dBm
    Operation Temperature -25 deg. to 55 deg.
    Weight 120g
    Size 100mm x 80mm x 35mm
    Compatible with Visonic Products Model JNRL-V is compatible with Visonic products.